All vehicles have now been removed from Dartsave accounts. Please ensure you arrange an alternative method of paying for future Dart Charge crossings and settle your account at the earliest convenience.

Dartsave is Closing

Dartsave Will Be Closing on the 30th June 2020

With effect from the 30th June 2020 the Dartsave service will be closing. It is important that you act now to ensure that you don’t receive any fines from Dartcharge after the date of closure. You must complete the following steps to ensure you remain able to use the crossing without risk of incurring a penalty:

1. Login to your Dartsave account and settle any outstanding crossings.

2. Remove your vehicles from the Dartsave system by navigating to the Registrations page of the Dartsave website.

3. Go to the Dartcharge site here and create an account.

4. Add your vehicles to your Dartcharge account.

Please note that you will not be able to add your vehicle(s) to a Dartcharge account until you have removed them from Dartsave.

* Following the removal of your vehicles from Dartsave, please allow 48 hours before trying to register them with Dart Charge. *